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"Cat and Dog  Theology is theologically sound, logically developed and humorously presented." - Dr Charles  Williams - (former President, Luther Rice Seminary)

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Three New Curricula

UnveilinGLORY is excited to announce three new curricula being added in 2016!

  • A Kindergarten to first grade curriculum.
  • A middle school curriculum.
  • A third year high school curriculum.

Take 3 Minutes To See A Changed Life

Our kindergarten curriculum is very simple. It will use stories from the original I Heard Good News Today and will also include the audio CD, “Adventures in Missions” and the coloring cartoon books, 55 Character Developing Cartoons for Inside the Home and 52 More Character Developing Cartoons for Out In The World. It will be titled, Adventures In Obedience.

Debby Sjogren is writing the new middle school curriculum titled, The Dog Walk. Two new books are being created, The Dog-Walk Workbook and I Heard Good News Today 3. They will also read, Emma’s Story and The Positive Dog. It will also have an Evangecube™ as a part of it for them to use. The entire curricula is designed to help middle schoolers learn:

  • How to follow Jesus in their everyday lives.
  • How to have an attitude on a daily basis that glorifies God.
  • How to have a quiet time.
  • How to study God's word.
  • How to share their faith.

Bob’s third year for teenagers is called “E267: Preparing For Eternity.” Two new books have been written, Why. and If I’m Saved by Grace, Why Bother with Works? It also has a YouTeach component like the others and also has them reading, The Treasure Principle. This curriculum is designed to get kids to live with an eternal perspective.

Primary vs Secondary

At UnveilinGLORY, we believe everything revolves around God (Romans 11:36, for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things)—even Jesus’ death. He died primarily to bring His Father glory.

How do we arrive at this conclusion? It’s really quite simple.

In John 12:27 and 28, Jesus (one day away from being crucified) has talked to His disciples and told them that He really doesn’t want to die on the cross. Who would? It is one of the worst deaths any human can endure: death by nails resulting in a slow suffocation. It was going to be extremely painful and one of the worst deaths any human can endure.

After telling His disciples He doesn’t want to do it, He starts speaking to His heavenly Father about His death. Now here is the key question. Is He going to talk to His heavenly Father about the primary reason why He’s going to the cross, or a secondary reason?

We think you’d agree: primary.

What He doesn’t say speaks volumes. He doesn’t say, “Father, save these kind, wonderful, worthy people from hell they don’t deserve it.” In fact, He doesn’t talk about us at all. (“Darn, really? Cause I thought it was all about us.” No, it’s not.) What does He say?

“Father, glorify Thy name.”

The primary reason Christ went to the cross was to bring His Father glory.

Did Jesus die for our sins? Absolutely yes. But it was done to glorify God.

If the church doesn’t see the difference between the primary reason and the secondary reason for Christ’s death, we’ll never rise above mediocre Christianity. Our divorce rate will be the same as non-Christians. Our giving will be the same. Our youth will be pregnant out of wedlock at the same rate. Abortions will still be done by believers at an alarming rate. We’ll want the same “Great American Dream.” We won’t be any different.

But if we do see the difference, everything will change. Now our primary reason for living will be to glorify the Father, even if it means suffering, even if it means dying. His glory is worth it all.

A Cat says, “Jesus died primarily for me.” A Dog says, “Jesus died primarily to glorify His Father.”

Cats seek God for what He can give them. Dogs seek God for who He is.

Two different Christianities. Help us get this message out to the body of Christ. Invite one of our professional speakers to your church to speak, purchase some of our materials, watch the free on-line teaching, or use our homeschool curriculum. Then once you understand it, teach it to others! Get the message out: it’s not primarily about us!!