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"Cat and Dog †Theology" will help you reevaluate your relationship with the Master. ††This kind of obedience training is what the church needs, especially †in 21st century America." - John Ankerberg - (Host of an apologetics TV show)
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The glory of God is all around us.

You can find it in the clouds above, in the trees around you, and even in a blade of grass. Youíll also find it in a babyís laugh, in a parentís gentle touch, in the thunder of a storm, and in the monitor allowing you to read this. In fact, itís even in your salvation.

But itís greater than your salvation. And itís greater than the clouds and a parentís gentle touch. It surpasses all of them. And pointing to it is what Jesus lived for. When speaking to His Father He consistently cried out, ďFather, glorify thy nameĒ (John 12:28).

Jesus knew life was about His Father being glorified, the trouble is, many of us just donít see it!

And itís not just the hectic pace at the office or the schedule of the super hero mom, that keeps us from seeing it. Itís us. We are the problem! Itís our existence, and the value we attribute to our existence. Itís in thinking and believing that we are the center of Godís attention, we are what God lives for, and therefore, ďLife is all about Us!Ē

This perspective drives us to always look out for good old number one and as a result, the glory of God takes second place (at best).

At UnveilinGLORY, we see this as a spiritual cancer that is slowly permeating just about every area of the church just as ďa little yeast works through the whole batch of doughĒ (1 Cor. 5:6):

  • Itís keeping men and women from serving as teachers and leaders
  • Itís keeping our youth focused on themselves
  • Itís keeping many strong Christians from sharing their faith outside of the church
  • Itís convincing believers to invest their time, talent, and treasure in building their own kingdom rather than Godís kingdom
  • Itís breaking down marriages and families
  • Worst of all, itís keeping God from receiving His maximum glory!

This cancer is conditioning Godís people to think and act as if life is all about them: their health, their safety, their happiness, and their comfort is Godís highest priority, and should be theirs as well! And itís blinding them to the glory of God that is all around them.

It is therefore this ministryís mission to Unveil Godís Glory in His church. As a result we have developed a series of messages designed to make us start thinking and living for God and His glory.

It is our prayer that every believer who is exposed to these messages will experience the illuminating power of the Holy Spirit to see God and His glory as being first and foremost in every area of their lives.

Join us in revealing Godís glory in your personal life, in your church and among the nations.