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UG Seminars Just for Kids!

UG offers exciting action-packed children’s seminars taught by enthusiastic certified UG Children’s Seminar leaders. Seminars and programs can be adapted to fit the needs of the host church.

The Whole Family for His Glory! Offer a UG Children’s Conference with the Adult conferences!

If you offer a UG seminar to reach the adults but do not include the kids - your approach is not wrong... it is just incomplete! Families can be equipped and mobilized for God’s Glory together!

Children’s Mission Conferences! Special Weekend Programs! Children’s Retreats! VBS!

A typical UG children’s seminar may include three two-hour action packed sessions that foster learning and interest through hands-on projects and interactive learning stations*:

  • In Search of Treasure - In Search of Treasure involves children in five hands-on learning and discovery stations which challenge them to make God the treasure of their hearts and to live for HIS GLORY. Children learn that their Cat & Dog Heart Attitudes reveal the real treasure of our hearts!
  • Meet the THUMB People - The T.H.U.M.B. people seminar is a hands-on, interactive learning experience that will introduce children to the five largest Unreached (by the Gospel) People groups in the world. Children will discover characteristics of each people group and their beliefs. They will also make a craft or play a game typically enjoyed by children in each people group. T.H.U.M.B. is an acronym for T = Tribal, H = Hindu, U = Unreligious, M = Muslim, B = Buddhist. Children will discover God’s love for the nations and His desire to be known, loved and worshiped by the THUMB people.
  • W.R.A.P. the World In Prayer! - W.R.A.P. is an interactive learning experience that will introduce children to creative prayer tools they will be able to take home and use immediately. Children will learn how to pray with GOD’S GLORY as the core of their prayers for themselves and the world.
  • Most learning stations can be modified as small group activities if space is limited.

Additional Children’s Seminars

Seminars include a Bible focus, an exciting, true missionary adventure and hands-on learning stations.

The Gospel Message with God’s Glory In Mind

A five lesson learning adventure that combines the solid truths of scripture with hands-on learning stations and crafts to help a child discover answers to the questions: Who is God? Who am I without Christ? Who is Jesus Christ? Now that I know what do I do about it? How can I GROW in Christ?

I Didn’t Plan It That Way: Joy Ridderhof

This lesson gives children a real life example of what it looks like to follow Jesus and live for HIS GLORY in both the good and difficult.

Fishers of Men

This is an exciting true story that takes children on a “jungle adventure” that took place Indonesia. Children will see what becoming a “fisher of men” meant for one missionary and how God miraculously supplied ALL he needed.

The Book That Did Not Burn

When we use our gifts and talents for the Lord, unexpected things might happen. This lesson, based on a true story from Pakistan, illustrates how God worked through unexpected challenges to produce unexpected God glorifying results! You can use your gifts and talents for HIM!


For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do! (Ephesians 2:10) God created each person, ON PURPOSE, FOR A PURPOSE…even when that person grew up being told “there is no God”. Elena is a true story of the miracle of God’s grace and love to a child of the former soviet Union.

The Missing Messenger!

God had an important job for Jonah. He was to be God’s messenger. But Jonah did not like the message or the people to whom the message was to be delivered, so he ran away. But that is not why he was the missing messenger…Jonah missed God’s heart to reach the world with God’s message of love and grace! God has an important job for each of us. Let’s not be missing messengers!

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