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Adult Seminar Speakers
UnveilinGLORY's certified speakers who can bring this life-changing seminar to your church.
Kevin Kimbrough
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Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida

Kevin is an everyday businessman who is passionate about glorifying God and seeing that glory go to all peoples of the world. Kevin's life demonstrates how anyone, no matter their station in life, can be involved in God's plan of reaching the nations for His Greatest Glory. Kevin relates well to students and dispels the myth that you have to be a "full-time Christian worker" to have impact for the Kingdom of God.

Phil Luckett
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Location: Dallas, TX

Most conversations with Phil at some point get around to football. That’s because he is a recently retired referee for the National Football League. The NFL hired him in 1991 and in that capacity, he has officiated games from Tokyo to Europe. In 1997 he worked both the Super Bowl in New Orleans (Green Bay vs. New England) and the World Bowl in Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona vs. Frankfort).

Bob Sjogren
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Location: Richmond, Virginia

Bob Sjogren (pronounced "show - grin") is the president of UnveilinGLORY.

Much of Bob's teaching is in audio, video and book form. He has recently co-authored "Cat and Dog Theology" with Gerald Robison as well as authored "Unveiled At Last" (which has been translated into Russian and Korean and Japanese) and co-authored "Run With The Vision" with Bill and Amy Stearns.

Sam Talbert
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Location: San Diego, California

Sam is a native of Arkansas who grew up in northern California. He trained at Biola University, Talbot Theological Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary and has served in a multitude of ministry and pastoral experiences. Sam has also been an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible for about 18 years and was on the team that launched World Teach (for training international Bible instructors) in Russia and Ukraine.

George Ong
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Location: Singapore

George Ong is a former pastor, a successful author, and an accomplished public speaker. As the Singapore director for UnveilinGLORY, he has challenged many throughout this island nation and nearby countries for God's global glory.

Andy Barnard
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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Andy Barnard is married to Alison and they have 3 amazing children: Daniel, Stacy and Michelle-Chiara. He is a gifted teacher who is passionate about teaching/discipling people to discover God's purpose for their lives. At present Andy and Alison serve as Senior Pastors of Highway Assembly of God, a multi-racial church in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also conducts seminars in the corporate arena and for Walk Thru the Bible.

Tim Thurber
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Location: Otego, New York

Tim has been a Christian for most of his life but it was not until the last few years that his desire in life has been for God first and foremost. The ministry of UnveilinGLORY played a large part in this. Now he wants others to hear and understand the life-changing message of God's glory.

Richard Worden
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Location: Long Beach, CA

Richard has spent 26 years in missions with his wife of 42 years, Pat. He has a passion for seeing the Glory of God radiating in this world as never before. He has just returned from Austria and has taken on the role of International Director of Adult Ministries. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Calvary Bible College with a BA in Missions. He then went on to get his MA from Wheaton College eight years later.


Peter Hidayat
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Location: Bandung, Indonesia

From the island of Java in central Indonesia, Peter joined the UnveilinGLORY team in 2002. God has used him widely throughout Asia and the United States as a leader and instructor. Extensive experience in the international business world positioned him well as a networker and entrepreneur in Christian ministry. Peter and his wife Marchnie team teach the UnveilinGLORY seminar, and God has used both in many leadership positions in their home city of Bandung and beyond.

Luke Kuepfer
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Location: Wilmore, Kentucky

Luke Kuepfer is founder and former Field Director of Global Tribes Outreach, a non-profit organization based in Southeast Asia committed to church planting and social work. Luke is dedicated to motivating the church toward missional thinking and practice in all areas of life.


John Marsh
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Location: York, Pennsylvania

The Lord has prepared John for a mission mobilization ministry by giving him a heart for the world. As a child he lived in Panama, France, and several locations in the United States while his father served in the military. John and Margie spent the first three and half years of their marriage in Germany courtesy of the U.S. Army.

Ike Rhyu
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Location: Spain

Coordinator, Leadership Academy in Sevilla, Spain
Missionary since '94

Gerald Robison
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Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Robison serves as Vice-President of UNVEILINGLORY. His passion is to see God's people become excited and committed to glorifying God and to taking the gospel to all peoples.

David King
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Location: Philippines

David King is a pastor in Bacolod, central Philippines, and God has blessed him with Gervilyn, his wife, and two children, Darryl and Gadielle. He is active among the pastors of the region as he works to fulfill the Great Commission's theme.

Shirley Innis
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Location: New Jersey

Shirley was born and raised in South Jersey. She accepted the Lord as savior at an early age and at a campfire service, at the age of 12, dedicated her life to missionary service. She graduated from Cairn University (then Philadelphia College of Bible) with a degree in Bible and Christian Education.

Childrens Seminar Speakers

UnveilinGLORY's trained children's specialists to minister to your children, grades 1 - 5.

Margie Marsh
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Margie serves UnveilinGLORY Ministries as the Global Children’s Ministry Director. Encouraging children to live for the glory of God in all areas of life is the cornerstone of Margie’s teaching approach. Her creativity and hands-on learning prompts both children and adults to discover God’s Word with the lens of His desire to be known, loved and worshiped by people of every nation, tribe, people and language. Margie has travelled extensively overseas to equip teachers of children in countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Austria, and Germany. She has also developed engaging curriculum and conference materials for children and adults both stateside and overseas. Both Margie and her husband John serve as Board members for UnveilinGLORY.

Tami Thurber
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Tami was born in Indiana, but she has lived primarily in upstate New York. She was raised in a Christian family and trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord at the age of four. At present her primary responsibilities revolve around ministering to her husband Tim and her three children, Miriam (12), Ryan (9) and Caleb (7). As a committed believer, she seeks to glorify God and serve him in her home, at the church where her husband pastors, and through the ministry opportunities which God provides.

Juda Mason
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Sparkling, kinetic, lively, fun, and endearing... how many other words can we find to describe Juda? She has one of those "perfect, made for kids" kind of heart and energy-level!


Debbie Sjogren
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"Gifted", "Talented", "A Joy To Work With", "A Real Leader"...these are just a few of the words which describe Debby Sjogren.