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UnveilinGLORY’s Homeschool/Private School Curriculum
Is Now Ready and Available
For Grades 1 - 12!

Watch The Following Videos To Learn More!

Hear Anna-Louise's Story (3 Min)

Her Six Year Old Daughter's Life Was Changed!

Introducing Our Elementary School Material

Introducing Our High-school Material

The Format For Each Year

Year 1 Overview
Year 2 Overview
Year 3 Overview
Year 4 Overview

Hear Her Mom's Story (3 Min)

Hear Their Story Together (20 Min)

Sample the Middle School/High School Year 1

If you'd like to see a sample week, click here for a PDF download!

Sample Year 1 The Elementary Kit.

Click here to get an overview. Click here to get a sample week for the Children's Workbook. Click here to get a sample week of the Parent's Guidebook to see how easy it is to use.

Kennel Communities

If you are interested in joining or listing a Kennel Community, please click here!

Cat & Dog Theology-Year 1: Answer Key Missing Page

Download Page (PDF)

To Purchase This Curriculum!

To purchase these products, click here or go to the UnveilinGLORY bookstore and click on “Homeschool Curriculum” that is in red on the left side!

One mom wrote,

"We are really enjoying the Bible study and it has sparked lots of interesting and engaging conversations at our house with the WHOLE FAMILY! We are so grateful we decided to do this!"


Bob Sjogren

President UnveilinGLORY