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Green Coloring Cartoon Book, Cartoon #17 & 102 Differences Between Cats and Dog, Cartoon #93, Down's Syndrome Child

At UnveilinGLORY, we made a big mistake. In wanting to help children be sensitive to the needs of children who have special needs, we tried to make one cartoon about a Down's Syndrome child. Being one of the 102 cartoons that were created, I didn't give much attention to the way our artist (based out of Indonesia) drew the cartoon. On this particular cartoon, I gave him no paraments, just said, "Have a down's child here." He chose it to be a random monkey with a drooling mouth. When all the cartoons came in, I didn't check for details of the actual cartoon itself. Because time was running short, I was far more focused on spelling typos than design mistakes.

As a result, I have highly offended moms and dads of Down Syndrome children. For that I want to deeply apologize. Some of our supporters have Down's Syndrome children. They are some of the most wonderful, delightful, happiest children there are. It was my original intent to help children act lovingly toward children with special needs, not hurt those with children who have special needs.

My poor choice in pictures was brought to my attention by a wonderful mom who has a down's syndrome child at a recent homeschool convention. She lovingly rebuked me and as a result, changes have been made. (In fact, she OK'd the final cartoon.)

In the Green Coloring Cartoon book, we have put in a new Cartoon #17. We will also be replacing it in the full-color cartoon book, but unfortunately have another 1,000 that have to be sold before it is reprinted with the new cartoon. You can click on both of those new cartoons below.

For those of you who are aware of the poor choice of our picture, please forgive me. It was an oversight that never should have happened.

Download: New Green Coloring Cartoon Book Page 17
Download: Full Color Cartoon Book Page 93

Please enjoy the new pictures.
Bob Sjogren