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Can one joke have a significant impact on an entire church?  Absolutely!
Cat and Dog Theology is based on a simple joke about the differences between cats and dogs.  This joke communicates clearly and effectively to help people differentiate between living for God and His glory, versus living for themselves.
Consider having a live seminar to your church today!
UnveilinGLORY seminars are most effective in a 4- or 5-hour format.  Experience shows this produces the greatest impact and permanent life-change.   We have found that simply giving them a mere half-hour sermon on Sunday morning gives them an enjoyable “taste” of this paradigm shift, but falls far short of  a changed life.  Some things take time to digest and uproot old habits... THIS is one of them!
After tasting the seminar content and style on Sunday morning, most church leaders are pleasantly surprised as to how many return to get the rest.
While each lecture holds about 160 PowerPoint slides, each presentation uses a vast variety of styles, fonts, humor and sound-effects making the time “fly by”.
The seminar is effectively geared for all ages 12 - 112.  Many parents, pastors and youth ministers report back saying, “I’ve never seen our youth so captivated.”
A children's seminar is also available for younger children (in grades 1-6) who love the hands-on, action-oriented seminar given by our trained professionals.  Rest assured, this is not a baby-sitting time, these young ones will be learning much of the same material as the adults, but at their own age-level.  Don't be surprised if some approach their parents for a "passport" so they can be ready if God calls them!
Many churches report that years after the seminar is given, people are still using the “Cat and Dog” terms!  It becomes part of the DNA of the church vocabulary!
If you are looking for a powerful message that will capture the hearts of your children and adults and will leave a lasting impact, host a Cat and Dog Theology seminar at your church!