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Home of Cat and Dog Theology
Luke Kuepfer

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Location: Wilmore, Kentucky

Luke Kuepfer is founder and former Field Director of Global Tribes Outreach, a non-profit organization based in Southeast Asia committed to church planting and social work. Luke is dedicated to motivating the church toward missional thinking and practice in all areas of life.

He firmly believes that having our thinking challenged is not enough; it must be translated into change. Luke has extensive experience in missions mobilization, leadership training, and team development. He currently resides in Wilmore, Kentucky with his wife, Amy, and three children: Brittany, Courtney, and Jamin.

Life Map 101 is a grand slam experience that will ignite your passion to live on mission for the glory of God. I highly recommend it.

Larry Kaufman, Pastor

Grace Mennonite Church

Berlin, Ohio

Unveiling Glory was presented at our church on Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2009, with Luke Kuepfer as the presenter. The impact was tremendous. Every week I hear numerous references from the people in the church as to how the material has impacted them personally. Even after a couple of months, I still hear comments like “that sounds cat” or “this song is pure dog.” “Transformational” is the one word I would use to describe the seminar. Luke has a true gift in communicating God’s truths with clarity and passion.

Joe Bacher, Pastor

Foothills Fellowship

Westminster, SC

Our leadership team was inspired by Luke’s presentation of the Lead Like Jesus Seminar on September 12 and 13, 2008. We are servant leaders who motivate our members by the proper use of our heart, head, hands and habits through the aid of the Holy Spirit to God’s glory for the furtherance of His kingdom. Luke’s enthusiasm and passion for the local church and its impact in the community is inspiring. I highly recommend his teaching and ministry!

Clarence Miller, Deacon

Sharon Mennonite Church

Sugarcreek, OH

Glory be to God! Luke presented the concept of Cat and Dog Theology (Unveiling Glory) at our fellowship and it is still having ripple effects. I hear comments like, “That sounds like cat”, “Let’s pray for people around the world”, “…all to the glory of God”, and more. Luke speaks with precision and purpose. Even though he was suffering from a hoarse throat the weekend he spoke, there is evidence that God moved beyond physical limitations to unveil His glory.

Amy Loewen

Prairie Mennonite Church

New Dayton, AB

Luke Kuepfer presented “Cat and Dog Theology” at RLCF Youth Conference 2008, and it was transforming! Luke is a dynamic speaker with the gift of clearly articulating Biblical truths in an easy-to-understand manner. He speaks in humility but with authority, and injects his message with the experience and global perspective gained from living abroad as a missionary for many years. Luke has an affable personality and wins friends quickly, so the young people who attended the conference found it easy to relate to him on a personal level as well. When Luke talks about Psalm 46:10 in its entirety, it’s more than just exposition–it’s real life!

Santosh David Poonen

River of Life Christian Fellowship

Loveland, CO

Luke came on short notice and gave a Transformational Encounter on leadership. It challenged our church and clarified issues as we prepared for ordination. You will enjoy Luke's speaking, but more importantly, be challenged to live more deeply for God.

Marvin Miller
Word of Life Church
Hutchinson, Kansas