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Where: When: Why:
The Big Picture
To take a team of 10-20 and teach Cat and Dog Theology to students in the public schools and churches in Kenya.
Nairobi, Kenya November 1-12, 2018
To get you out of your comfortable, American “bubble” and see what God can do through you globally as you teach others about His glory.
1st-2nd: Fly to Nairobi, Kenya
3rd: Rest and Orientation
4th: Speak in Churches plus a Youth Rally
5th-6th: Speak in Schools with fellow, teenage Kenyans 7th: Optional Safari (an extra $55 you must bring in cash.)
8th-9th: Speak in Elementary Schools
10th: Sports Outreach and Door-to-Door Evangelism 11th: Speak in Churches/then fly out that night.
$3,200 per person:
This does not include the safari or food
while traveling through airports.
Nightly Debriefs!

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