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Do I Have To Apply?
Yes, by July 1st at the latest, but there are only 20 team openings. Click here to download an application. (References will be required.)
Can My Parents Come?
You may bring one parent with you if you like. They will not have to teach! But they will need to pay full price just like you. Click here for their application.
How Old Do I Have To Be?
We will accept students who are 14 years of age and up.
Do I Have To Have A Passport?
Not currently, but you will need one by July 15th.
Do I Have To Have A Laptop?
If you have one, please bring it. Some of you will be teaching using Powerpoint, but many schools have no power. Hence you will also be trained in Story Telling which includes stories from the Bible with questions added. Training begins in July of 2018 over the phone via conference calls.
Where Will We Be Staying?
At the Milele Guest House in Nairobi. (See pictures on the next page.)
What Will I Teach?
If you’re using Powerpoint, it will be in whatever lecture you are comfortable teaching. In story telling, it will be about the basics of Cat and Dog Theology.
How Much Does It Cost and To Whom Are Checks Made Payable?
The cost is $3200 per person. Checks are tax deductible and made payable to UnveilinGLORY and sent to 4663 Crown Hill Rd. Mechanicsville, VA 23111.
Can I Call In And Check On How Much Money Has Come In?
Yes, but we encourage you to get the checks yourself, and then send them to us in two to three batches to be deposited. That way you will know exactly where you stand financially.
Will I Have Medical Insurance Over There?
Yes, you will be covered from the day you start traveling through the day you fly home.

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