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S Material at UnveilinGLORY
day School or Vacation Bible School?
This children’s curriculum of UnveilinGLORY is designed to help your children catch a vision for what God is doing globally. Let’s face it, America is only 6% of the world’s population, therefore 94% of God’s heart is outside the United States. Get your kids turned on to what turns God on—His glory among all nations!
This curriculum is designed to be done over 13 weeks. It is also adaptable for Vacation Bible School. It comes with:
• 13 Prearranged lessons for teaching children about God’s desire to reach all peoples.
• Instructions for missions-minded games which children love to play and which help them remember what they are learning.
• Creative crafts ideas that children can build to help them learn about the unreached peoples of the world.
• A simple explanation of how to teach the Bible as one book, with one introduction, one story and one conclusion.
“This information is vital, the teaching techniques effective, but most importantly the message is life changing. Children need a vision bigger than themselves to give their life purpose and meaning. They need to know they are blessed to be a blessing.”
Diane Buchanan,
(Former) Children’s Pastor, New Hope Community Church, Tempe, AZ
“This curriculum is a great way to give children a Christian world-view on God’s per- spective on missions at an age-appropriate level.”
Lorie Dixon,
(Former) Children’s Pastor, Glad Tidings Fellowship, Chilliwack, VC Canada
“Both our kids (ages 12 and 8) came back positively excited about the curriculum. What really impressed me, is even now, months later, there are things coming up which I know they could have only learned in that class.”
Tom Foley,
Parent of Children, Scottsdale, AZ

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