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S Material at UnveilinGLORY
n About A Specific People Group?
This is an “Oldie, but Goldie!” Created over 20 years ago, this material is just as relevant today as it was the day it was created.
In this “Part 2” of The Teacher’s Training Manual on the previous page, Debby Sjogren empowers you to teach children about a specific people group. Using Turkey as an example, kids learn:
• What a people group is.
• How they speak different languages.
• Where they live.
• What transportation they use.
• What their homes are like.
• How they greet each other and what their food is like.
• What religion they adhere to.
• What kind of money they use.
• What their art is like.
• What their music and dancing is like.
• What are prejudices against them.
Give your kids a vision for another nation!
“God Bless America” – As If God Revolves Around Our Nation? per Sticker To Wake Others Up To What It Truly Should Be:
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