Page 91 - 2018 Homeschool Catalogue
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This book has been translated into 17 different languages. It asks a very simple question: “Do we live for God or does God live for us?” Depending upon how you answer that question, you will have two totally different types of theology.
This book is being used by God to help Christians get their eyes off of themselves and onto God’s glory.
Many people have said this book alone changed their life!
Did you know that the average Christian only
prays three minutes a day? And the average pastor only prays five minutes a day. These are pure statistics. Why is there so little prayer?
Bob and Gerald suggest that they prayed very “Catish” prayers. And in James 4:2, God says, “I don’t answer selfish prayers.” Since their prayers were not answered, they gave up on prayer. So they just check in for a few minutes daily asking God to bless them.
This book challenges you to stop praying prayers for your kingdom and start praying prayers for God’s kingdom. Then you’ll see answers to prayer!

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