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Have you every wondered why the Bible speaks of both grace and works? Which is it?
In this book, Bob Sjogren helps you answer that question clearly and definitively.
All Christians will be judged twice. Once as a sinner, and then again as a servant. There are two judgments.
This second judgment helps you to see that our rewards in heaven will not all be the same. Some believers will get to heaven but lose the rewards God wanted them to have.
Don’t miss out on this book.
In this eye-opening book, Bob Sjogren helps answer ultimate questions, such as:
• Why did God create anything? • Why did God create humans? • Why did God create angels?
• Why did God create the devil? • Why did God allow for sin?
• Why can’t Satan repent?
And it all begins with one verse found in Ephesians!
Ultimate answers for ultimate
This is a follow-up
to the book, God’s Bottom Line. It helps you think
through, “Now that I know all of this, what should I do? So I send others, go myself, mobilize others, or work with internationals ?”
A very practical book.
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