Page 93 - 2018 Homeschool Catalogue
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A Cat and Dog Look at the Cross goes deeper theologically into Christ’s death. It helps believers to see that Christ’s death was, yes, for our sin, but primarily to glorify His Father.
In this book, Bob and Kevin also help you to see how the church can inadvertently be setting people up for failure in their Christian walk.
See Christ’s death through new eyes.
In God’s Bottom Line, Bob Sjogren helps you to read your Bible, not as 66 independent books, but as one book. And just as every book has an introduction, a story and a conclusion, so does your Bible.
Once you see this story, you’ll also discover how many Christians are only reading half of their Bibles—the half that talks about how God wants to bless them.
Seeing this other half helps life take on a whole new purpose. We are to live for something greater than ourselves. We’ve got a job to do— and until it’s done, Christ won’t come back.
Warning, this book changes lives completely.

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