Bob Sjogren Messages

Introducing Bob Sjogren
Bob Sjogren (pronounced “show - grin”) is the president of UnveilinGLORY, a non-profit ministry geared toward awakening the church to a new awareness of God’s glory in all areas of life and seeing that glory go to all peoples of the world. A driving theme throughout all of Bob’s messages is living passionately for the Glory of God. Living for God’s glory should be the highest priority of our lives. Everything else is secondary.
Bob is a highly sought out internationally recognized author and mission speaker. As a co-founder of Frontiers, a mission organization focusing on the Muslim world, he has over 25 years of mission experience. He has authored several books, including Cat and Theology, which has been translated into multiple languages. UnveilingGLORY’s ministry is actively involved in 30 countries. Bob is a frequent keynote speaker for conferences throughout the world. Partners have included International Mission Board (Southern Baptist Convention), Singaporean National Conference, Korean Youth National Conference, World Partners, and more.

UnveilinGLORY’S purpose is prophetically calling the global church away from her self-centeredness to focus on God’s glory, magnifying that glory in all areas of life to all peoples of the world.

Bob is currently leading seminars and speaking on the following topics:

Theme: World Missions

The Story of the Bible: Based on Bob’s book, Unveiled At Last, this seminar focuses on the basic premise that the unifying theme found throughout the Bible is God’s heart for reaching all nations. This seminar can help build excitement within your church for world missions.

Complementary talks include:

The Missing Half: Many Christians are paralyzed in their faith because they read the Bible with a “Me’ perspective. This talk helps Christians to move beyond themselves and discover the other half of Bible: God’s heart for the nations.

Blindness: God is purposely blinding people from discovering God’s love and His heart for the nations. Is this really the act of a loving God? In this powerful message, you will be challenged to discover the direct relationship between “Obedience and Insight” and “Disobedience and Blindness”.

Am I Called To Full-time Missions?: There are many misconceptions regarding who is called to serve God in international missions. This unique approach to what it means to be called can free up many people in your church to seriously consider serving God full-time in international missions.

The State of the World Address: A church elder once commented, “I thought we were just waiting around until Jesus returned for His second time. I had no idea we have work to do on such a massive scale.” In this creative presentation you will find out the true ‘state of the world’ and discover what needs to be done before Jesus comes back.

Theme: Lordship

Meology versus Theology: Take your church to the next level of Lordship! Based on Bob’s best known book, Cat and Dog Theology, this seminar helps Christians to discover the church is weak in the area of Lordship because they are primarily seeking God’s blessings for themselves. This seminar challenges Christians to consider the key questions “Does God exist for me? Or do I exist for God?” Participants will learn the difference between a God-centered vs Man-centered theology.

A complementary talk is…

The Dangers of a Man-Centered Theology: When we think that humanity is the main character of the Bible we get a distorted understanding of what Lordship is all about. Discover the dangers of this ‘meology’ and its impact on Lordship.

Theme: Suffering (And) God’s Glory

The Other Side Of The Cross: Most Christians avoid suffering all together. Their goal is to get from birth to death in the safest, softest, easiest, most comfortable fashion. They don’t “do suffering.” This talk challenges believers to see that suffering is a normative part of the Christian life and without it their faith is weak and aimless. Discover how embracing suffering uniquely reveals God’s glory and deepens your faith.

Theme: Prayer

Giving Prayer A Second Chance: Most Christians pray only three minutes a day and have essentially given up on prayer. This fresh approach to prayer can bring instant change in the way people pray, releasing God’s power in their lives. Discover the difference between ‘Help Me’ and ‘Cause Me’ prayers and how we can move beyond self-centered prayers to God-centered prayers.

A complementary talk is…

God Bless You!: Find out how God has blessed many believers in the Scriptures in unique ways as the result of ‘God bless you’ prayers. Discover how God hears when we ask Him to bless others and how your simple prayer of “God bless you” could bring “Problems with a Purpose” from God!

Theme: Freedom In Christ

Dogs Have Freedom, Cats Do Not: Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” Unfortunately most Christians do not live in the freedom that God wants them to have because they have locked on to a wrong goal: a goal that is not “truth.” As a result, their joy and freedom can be constantly blocked by the world and even by other brothers and sisters in Christ. Dogs on the other hand have great freedom because their goal of glorifying God can never be blocked, no matter how hard it gets! Discover this freedom in Christ.

Theme: The Glory of God

What History is Waiting For: Unified Diversity!; Jesus could have said, “Go therefore and make disciples of 70% of the world...80% of the world, maybe even 90% of the world.” But He didn’t! God desires to see representatives from every tongue, tribe, and nation worshiping him before the throne of God! Discover how diversity unified in Christ reveals God’s greatest glory. This message gives us a new motivation for world evangelization and embracing diversity in God’s Church.

The Glory of God in Nature: We tend to be so focused on the ‘things of this world’ that we rarely have time to see God’s glory all around us. This message helps you slow down and “smell the roses” discovering how God’s glory is being revealed all around us in nature.

Who to Call: Bob Sjogren
If you are interested in getting Bob to speak at your church or conference, call him at (804) 387-2878 to find out more information or e-mail him at