Cat and Dog Theology

What is Cat and Dog Theology?

No...we're not veterinarians and neither are we pet spiritualists! UnveilinGlory has just found a unique, memorable, humor-filled, Scripture-based way of communicating the need for Christians to re-think their relationship with their Master (God).  The purpose of Cat and Dog Theology is to call the global church away from its self-centeredness and to focus on the glory of God. 

Started in 1999, the seminars are now being taught in over 30 countries and represented by a multi-national team in 16 of those countries.  The Cat & Dog Theology book has been translated into Indonesian, Korean, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish and German languages and there is a Children’s version of the seminar that can run concurrently with the adult seminar.

Extremely versatile, Cat and Dog Theology can be tailored for men and women’s conferences, revival programs, and missions conferences.  God is using this material to change people and entire churches.  A 96-year old man went away saying, "Why didn't someone show me this before?" Others claim, "Nothing has affected me more than this seminar to give my whole life to God and to live it for Him!"  One church changed its name and another reviewed and rewrote every job description within the church.  

Cat and Dog Theology is a high-impact experience that examines the heart of Christians in the 21st century and the typical modern message about Christianity being presented in today's churches.  Through humor and Scripture the presentation pricks our spirit, bringing about what some have called “Repentance on Novocain.” 

Using an illustration of "cats and dogs" and how each relates to its master, Cat and Dog Theology challenges Christians to see how we tend, like a cat, to use our Master mainly for getting what we want.  The illustration points out the difference between "us living for God" and "God living for us".   

We find that the average Christian, though saying he lives his life for God, is actually living to get from birth to death in the safest, softest, easiest and most comfortable fashion possible, and often just uses God to reach that goal and keep the difficulties, trials, and tragedies away.  Cat and Dog Theology will help the people of your church switch from what we call "Me-ology" (studying the Scriptures with a focus on me) to "Theology" (the study of God). 

Cat and Dog Theology focuses on the Glory of God as the primary motivation and purpose of our lives.  We understand that each church is unique, so the Cat and Dog Theology message can be delivered in 2, 3, 4 or even 5-hour modules.  The more you have, the greater the impact!

We recommend at least 3 hours and we can work with your church or organization to determine which modules best serve your needs.  Each presentation has a theme and style that maintains the attention of those from ages 7 to 97: 

  1. Introduction to Cat & Dog Theology (click for promo video)   

    • This module will introduce you to Cat & Dog Theology and where it comes from.

  2. Dangers of Cat Theology (click for promo video)  

    • This module explores the eight most common dangers of Cat & Dog Theology       

  3. Jealousy of God   

    • This module explores an area of God’s Glory that can make some Christians uneasy, but His jealousy is crucial.                                           

  4. Redefining Life in Terms of God's Glory

    • Once you understand what Cat & Dog Theology is, you will learn how to apply it in every area of your life, creating more joyful and God honoring:  Prayer Lives, Marriages, Families, Churches, etc…       

  5. Delighting in God      

    • Cats want to delight in everything BUT God.  They will delight in movies, shopping, electronics, anything but the Lord.   This is not God’s original design and short-circuits His goal and plan for our lives:  an abundant life!  This lecture moves us toward a greater understanding of what it means to delight IN God!     

If you would like to book a seminar for your church or organization, need some additional information, or you just have questions please contact our in-house church consultant: 

Bob Sjogren