God's Bottom Line

God’s Bottom Line: The Story of the Bible is a fresh look at God’s heart to reveal His Global Glory to all nations. This teaching has been put together for one simple reason: Most Christians can only name 3 or 4 Great Commission passages and as a result, taking God’s glory to the nations is becoming a very low priority. Because the priority is so low, giving is minimal, internationals are avoided, and overseas missionaries are scarce.

We have found, that many mission initiatives have either failed to ignite or faded too quickly because they were based solely on a particular program or system with very few biblical verses to back them. We believe long-term commitment to reaching every nation and people group is fostered by showing a believer’s heart how God’s Glory is Unveiled through spreading the gospel.    

God’s Bottom Line reveals God’s heart for all peoples not simply through a few key verses but through a central theme woven into every part of the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation allowing us to read God’s Word as one book, with one introduction, one story and one conclusion. When believers begin to see this “Story of the Bible” come together to unveil God’s heart in a fresh new way, their own hearts are set on fire as they see a new motivation beyond themselves to make the Lord known among the nations. Whether you are looking to energize a local, statewide, countrywide, and/or international missions focus, the biblical theme of God’s Bottom Line will set the stage for years to come.  

Instead of guilt, obligation, or fear, the Glory of God becomes the primary motivation and purpose for worldwide evangelism.  

We understand that each church is unique, so the God’s Bottom Line message can be delivered in 2, 3, 4 or even 5-hour modules. The more you have, the greater the impact! (We recommend at least 3 hours and we can work with your church or organization to determine which modules best serve your needs) Each presentation has a theme and style that maintains the attention of those from ages 7 to 97:

  1. The Story of the Bible (Top Line - Bottom Line) - click for promo video

    • This lecture reveals God’s commitment to create the nations and bring them back together in His Son through a covenant to Abram. The lecture begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation clearly revealing God’s heart for all nations, allowing us to see God’s Word as one cohesive book.

  2. The Missing Half of the Bible - click for promo video

    • Most Christians are only familiar with half of their Bible, the half which talks about God wanting to bless them. Though in the covenant to Abram, it is only half of the covenant. God also wants them to be a blessing to the nations. In this lecture, we go over the “Bottom Line” lessons and applications to many of the major stories of the Bible.

  3. Mercy & Blindness

    • God revealed His heart to reach all nations in the Old Testament, yet He didn’t give the Israelites any understanding into it. He blinded them to it, out of his mercy! Discover how God is blinding Christians today to the Great Commission and why he is doing it out of love and mercy for His people.

  4. Missions in Major Events in the Bible
    • If If God is serious about reaching the nations, don’t you think it would be seen in just about every major event in the Scriptures? Well, it is! This lecture helps stitch the “Story of the Bible” together weaving every major event together with the thread of God’s heart to reveal His glory among all nations.

  5. The State of the World - click for promo video

    • If we are to reach the nations with the glory of the Lord, how are we doing? In this lecture, we look at practical statistics of how well the church is doing and go over objections many people have to getting involved in reaching the nations and show how they can be overcome!

We must warn you that this material has a proven track record of altering long-term goals, plans, and dreams. When people are exposed to it more money is freed up for missions and more laborers are called to the field.

If you would like to book a seminar for your church or organization, need some additional information, call me on my cell!

Bob Sjogren