Prayer's Second Chance

It is reported that today, the average Christian prays about 3 minutes each day.  Think about that, only three minutes a day!    

To the casual observer it might suggest that “We are just so busy as Americans that we just don’t have time to pray”, but if we probe a little deeper, we’ll realize that it communicates something far worse: that most Christians don’t believe that prayer actually works!

Why is that?    

At UnveilinGLORY we believe the heart of the issue is this:  Most of our prayers are self-centered or “Cat Prayers”.  Instead of seeking to advance God’s kingdom, we are asking God to advance ours.  Instead of asking God how we can serve Him, we are gently telling God how He can serve us. God’s Word makes it very clear; He isn’t interested in answering selfish prayers! (James 4:2,3) With most self-centered prayers not being answered, most Christians have concluded that, “Prayer just doesn’t work!” and as a result, they either check in with God for only three minutes a day or stop praying all together. 

So many pastors and leaders have shared with us that they believe one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the growth of their churches and their members is the self-centered attitude in their Christianity.  In answer to their concerns UnveilinGLORY has developed “Giving Prayer a Second Chance”.  It is an eye opening and potentially life-changing series of eight messages designed to develop a God-centered and God-honoring prayer life in the members of your church or organization: 


  1. Praying Self-Centered Prayers
    • Most Christians are not even aware of the fact that most of their prayers are focused on themselves. As a result, they are blind to the fact that God has clearly shown in His word that He doesn’t answer those types of prayers!  This lectures wakes believers up to the self-centeredness in their prayer lives.
  2. Praying God Centered Prayers
    • What kind of prayers does God want to hear and how does it affect our day-to-day lives?  A fresh look is taken at the God-centeredness of our Lord’s Prayer.
  3. Your Blank Check
    • Looks at the “blank check” we’ve been given by our Lord:  “Ask me for ANYTHING and I will do it.”  The audience is challenged to dream big dreams for advancing God’s kingdom, not their own!
  4. Cause Me Prayers
    • We then begin to help the audience pray prayers where God gets all the glory.   We do this by helping them see the difference between a “Help Me” prayer and a “Cause Me” prayer.  This has them praying in such a way that God gets all of the glory!
  5. How God Blesses You
    • In this talk, we ask the question, “How quickly we can expect answers to our prayers?”  Does God answer all prayers quickly?  If so, what examples have we been given in the Bible. If not, what examples are there God answering prayers slowly.
  6. Beware in Prayer
    • This talk challenges believers to be careful about what they pray for. It was the father who actually financed the prodigal son's trip away from his father’s presence.  Too many times what we pray for can be the very thing that takes us out of an intimate relationship with God.  We call this  “Beware in Prayer!”
  7. Six Reasons Why God Says Wait
    • As the seminar winds down, we look at 6 reasons why God says, “Wait.”  All of it is designed to bring God glory and to have us become more like Him and delight more in Him.  
  8. Four Reasons Why God Says No
    • Through the Scriptures, God is very clear as to why He sometimes says “no.”  He has revealed 4 distinct reasons in His Word why He says "No".  This lecture reveals those reasons. 


Giving Prayer a Second Chance will directly challenge the members of your church or organization to rethink their entire prayer life and then move to align it closer to what God is doing right there in your church and around the world.   

Giving Prayer a Second Chance can be delivered in 2, 3, 4 or even 5-hour modules, but we recommend experiencing at least 3 hours.  We have found that the more people are exposed to the material, the greater the impact! 

We understand that each body of believers is unique, so we are ready to work with your church or organization to determine which modules best serve your particular needs.   

If you would like to have UnveilinGLORY visit your church or organization, or just have a few questions, please contact our in-house church consultant: 

Bob Sjogren