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Welcome to the Free Online teaching, formerly known as The Journey. Feel free to select a series and then watch the videos, in order, on our YouTube Channel.

Homeschoolers: If you are viewing this page from the instruction of one of our books, you can ignore the rest of those instructions and simply select the Series from the list below.

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For the Christian, foundations are key in gaining the correct understanding of what life is all about. If you don’t have a correct foundation, everything else in your Christian life is going to be wrong. Be sure your foundation is right so you will bring God His greatest glory and bring yourself your greatest joy!

God's Dream
God created man in His own image and therefore man should reflect His life, His nature and His character. God has a dream and that dream is a perfect dream with a perfect outcome. When we define God’s dream, we will be able to live life the way God wants it to be lived.

Satan's Dream
Has there always been an eternal struggle between God and Satan? Have they been battling it out since the beginning of time? Or was Satan created by God to be a good angel, but fell? Discover through two key passages in the Bible the answer to these questions and more and learn about Satan’s strategy as he fights against the “Maker of Heaven and Earth.”

Cat and Dog Theology
If the Bible is about us, our Christianity will be self centered. If the Bible is about God, our Christianity will be God centered. This series will help you discover two different types of Christianity being experienced around the world today, and help you see whether or not your Christianity is self-centered!

Dangers of Cat Theology
Remember, the majority of what a Cat knows is not incorrect, it is merely incomplete. This incomplete theology creates many dangers in the Christian life. We are going to be studying six of them together in this series!

Story of the Bible
Our Bibles were meant to be read as one book, with one introduction, one story and one conclusion. Once you understand this simple concept, your Bible comes alive with a theme of God creating diversity, to bring it back together in harmony, to reveal his greatest glory. This six part series will change the way you read your Bible forever!

Other Side of the Cross

Prayer to Go
In these eight twenty-minute video lessons, you'll discover why many believers' prayers never get answered and how to pray God-centered prayers that will get answered! You’ll also see learn about “Cause Me” prayers that will keep you from “robbing God of His glory” while at the same time, realizing different ways God is answering your prayers without you even knowing it! Also uncover the terrifying reality that some of your answered prayers can actually take you AWAY from God. Finally, you’ll also learn six reasons why God sometimes says “Wait” and four reasons why He says “No” in response to prayer. Check them out!

The Missing Half

The Great Commission